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Hey there, I’m Wesley Turner, your dedicated wingman at Better Self Projects. If you’re a guy looking to LEVEL UP your dating game, you’re in the right place. At Better Self Projects, we’re all about helping you succeed in the world of dating.

Whether you’re recovering from a breakup, tired of rejection, or craving a fulfilling relationship, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Welcome to Better Self Projects, where your dating success is our priority. Let’s redefine your approach, boost your confidence, and create lasting meaningful connections. Get ready to rewrite your dating story and become the BEST VERSION of yourself.

Cheers to your new dating adventure,

Wesley Turner



of Better Self Projects

If you’re tired of trying to figure out a relationship on your own, Wesley Turner is the Personal WINGMAN you’ve been looking for.

Wesley has HELPED thousands of men get the woman of their dreams by giving them helpful information and POWERFUL Recommended Programs that empower them with valuable insights and skills that will significantly improve their dating experiences and relationship dynamics.

His recommended approach helps men to find the woman that they want by giving them pieces of advice that are honest, authentic, and practical; so they not only get the relationship they deserve but also feel confident and in control of their happiness.

And Wesley will do the same for YOU.

Whether you’re from a fresh breakup, confused about what to say to her or what to text to her, wondering if she’s ready to make out or have sex, being “stuck” in a friend zone over and over again, or even if you’re always dealing with painful rejection and being disregarded completely.

If you’re ready to level up your dating game – I’ve created a Free Report a downloadable valuable resource that will help you elevate your game and get the result that you want. Just Click the button below to get access.

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“Together, we’ll break down barriers, reshape your approach,
and create meaningful connections that stand the test of time.”

Some Tips & Insights You'll Learn :

Grab Her Attrention

Stand out from the crowd by igniting genuine interest and creating a strong desire that sets you apart.

Connect with Her

Discover the unique female perspective and master the art of connecting on a deeper level.

Build Attraction

Explore the psychology of attraction and learn how to create a genuine connection that sparks romance.

"Does She Like You?"

LET'S FIND OUT FOR SURE!: Decode her signals and gain clarity on whether she's interested or not.

How to Text Her

Master the art of texting with engaging conversations that leave a lasting impression.

Get Her Back

If you're seeking a second chance, gain insights into rebuilding connections and rekindling a lost love.

More Tips That Work

I'll uncover more actionable advices for building attraction and nurturing lasting relationship that stand the test of time.

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